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Bright Lord is an adult, erotic horror game in which you become Bright Lords servant.
Will you let him take over your mind completely or fight his will in his conquest for power and revenge


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Has this game been axed or are you still working on it? You haven't responded to even a single comment for the past 7 months! If you're reading this, dear developer, please do respond.

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well there is a version 0.6b on another site so there probably a website with the up to date version out there some where. this atleast isn't a active version 

What is the website, good sir/ma'am?

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Gamcore.com it was updated on 14th of jan 2022. also has patreon and discord by the looks of it


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In the first scenes when we discover the new house, is it normal that through the left floor 1 window and door glass we see green-leafs INSIDE the house?


I played many VNs and this is so far a really good one. Keep up with that good work. Really enjoyed it so far and the horror stuff is also interesting to have in a VN

Really Amazing Game 👍

Any plans for and Android version?

Can't get my computer to find the downloads on my phone, any ideas, please?

Man please drop the next update ASAP, that ending was crazy.

please drop a walkthrough Pdf, thats all that is missing, the game overall is really good 

Man i really hate that Megan woman she is a real bitch.


wish you put a lot more info about the game. like background story, fetishes, etc. so we know what to expect when we dive into this game.


I hope you all are enjoying the releases. As a co-writer and editor on the game I know we work tirelessly to release the best work we can within our abilities.

Pop over to our patreon to show your ongoing support to both KissKiss Studio and myself. Also, this way way you can join the discord to discuss the game with us.

We aim to deliver a good story for you all to enjoy.

love it. i just seen you posted a new update yesterday cant wait to see what you added on. so far one of the better games ive played. please keep up the great work.


yea i also can say its a good one cant wait for more 

really liked it cant wait for more updates

You can find Mac links in my Patreon